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It All Started During Quarantine

It was the start of the Covid-9 outbreak, the theaters were shutting down and the quarantines started rolling in.  I was forced to create a project that would only use the people in our house.  It was no problem though.  I had just finished, what would be my last IMAX movie premier and I needed a break from actors, the public and the world in general.  A ritual I practice after every project.  I decided my next project would be an animation using my wife and kids, as well as myself.  I knew how to animate, but I had never used the tools the current industry used.  Again, not a problem.  I found what programs and tools to use and went to work.  We broke ground on our film January 1, 2020 and finished with a full length animated movie on 6-8-20.  We then launched the movie trailer for what is now called "Meet The Kuritees" on 6-10-20.  Now I want to take everything I've learned about animating a full length movie in under 8 months using the exact same tools and steps I used.

Here's What You'll Get With My Online Training Course.

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