Submitting content to

First, thank you for even watching  We are always down to publish any Black Media through our network.  Here's what you need to know.

1.  Your media must contain all original work.  You may also provide clearances for media containing copyrighted material.

2.  Provide a Youtube link to your media content at:

When sending emails, please provide your full contact info and title of work.  Miss any of this information and your email will be unread and deleted.  We do this in an effort to provide an easy way for you (the content provider) to contact us, and for to provide quick responses.  We will then review your content and provide an answer within 7 business days if your content was approved.

3.  Fees.

Providing content: $600 per year with unlimited runs.  It's that simple.

Creating a channel:  Please email for more information.


4.  Just a heads up.  TMVTC (the parent company) and do not retain any rights to your work.  We thought this was important as content providers, you retain rights to all your work.  If you have any further questions and need to reach out, call us at 1-858-848-6882.

Thank you and please be safe.  Now get back to watching


When submitting content for review, here is the best way to get a YES from us.

Video:  You should be shooting your video at 1920 by 1080 and up for resolution.

Dialog:  All dialog must be captured with an external mic.  Any scenes recorded with (in camera mics) will be declined.

Music:  You must provide clearances for all music if it is not original.  

Declines:  If your work is declined, we will send you all the items that need to be fixed.  You as the content provider have one chance to fixed the list of failed points.  Once your content is re-submitted and it fails any check points on a second review, you will have to restart the submission process over again.  This means paying a $600 submission fee.  Please be sharp on submitting content with

We will never decline media based on content (how you shoot, themes, or ideas).  We only want to make sure viewers get quality content when it comes to sound and visuals.

Fees:  The $600 fee for submissions is per year.  Your content will be placed in rotation with other black media in a  selected channel on

30 days before your content expires, we will notify you.  At that time you can renew your airtime at your previous years rate (limited time).

Contact info:  Please feel free to contact us anytime at 1-858-848-6882

Phone: 1-858-848-6882  Email:
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