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Advertising rates:

Membership Fee:  $2,000 per year. (Limited Acceptance)


   -  Content may become exclusive to 


   -  All members get paid 1% of tv network advertising revenue.

   - syndication badge.


Month-to-month:  $600 per month for unlimited runs and all channels.  (Commercials, promo videos, time sensitive content)

Weekly rates:  $350 per week




SHOP Black Live:  $2,500 per show.


  -  Black owned businesses can sell their products on our LIVE channel.  It's QVC or HSN but for Black products only.


  -  30 minute show.  You keep 100% of all sales.

EBNY Sports:  Stream your sports event on EBNY LIVE.

  - Onsite events: $4,000
  - Live feeds: $1000



Syndication Fees: 


  -  Movies:  $20,000 per year.

  - TV Shows:  $85,000 per year, per season.

  - Music video bundle:  $75,000 per year.

  - Kids programs:  $120,000 per year.

  - Bundle packs:  $500,000 per year.




What is is 100% Free Tv from African American content creators. No cost, no sign up, just watch.

How many viewers do you have?

As of 10-22-20, has 51,000 viewers, 180 subscriptions and 2k followers.

Is this a broadcast network? can be broadcasted to all smart Tvs. (must have smart tv, WIFI, and web connection).  Since does not rely on cable subscriptions, we reach everyone with a phone, tablet and computer. Those listed devices act as a "cable box and remote" to deliver free tv to any device that is web connected. is available on web, Google Play, and The App Store.



*Email all video links to our parent company:


*These rates are subject to change.


*Membership availability subject to change. 


Please read the following before submitting content to

1.  Video resolution must be at least 1920 by 1080 but may go higher.

2.  Sound must be recorded from an external mic source.  Any video content with audio recorded from the (in camera mic will be declined.

3.  All fees must be paid in full.

4. does not, and never will own the rights to your work.  You retain 100% ownership of your content.

5. SUBLEASING AD SPACE:   You can sublease or sell ad space within your content. 
You set your own ad rates. You keep 100% of your money.


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