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How to submit your content to

Please read the following before submitting content to

1.  All video resolution must be at least 1920 by 1080 but may go higher.

2.  Sound must be recorded from an external mic source.  Any video content with audio recorded from the (in camera mic will be declined).

3.  Membership fee $1,200 (yearly):

     A.  All reviewed and approved content

          airs for 1 year.

     B.  All commercials and promo content

          plays on all channels.

     C.  Unlimited content submissions..


     D.  If your submission is declined, we will

          provide one (1) chance to fix fail points

          before resubmitting for review.  If your

          content fails again on second review,

          you must pay another submission

          fee of $1,200 and start the submission

          process over.

     E.  Submissions are reviewed within a 7

          day period.

          (Even on Sundays and Holidays).

4. does not profit from your content.  We make money on submission fee's, and leasing ad space in our "in house" productions.

5. does not, and never will own the rights to your work.  You retain 100% ownership of your content.

6. SUBLEASING AD SPACE:  This is the most important part that shows we really care about our content providers.  You can sublease or sell ad space within your content. 

You set your own ad rates. You keep 100% of your money.  Again.  We only get paid on submission fee's. 

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What is the best contact time?

Submission invoice will be emailed shortly, and someone will contact you within 10 minutes.


Phone: 1-858-848-6882  Email:
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